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  2. Perhaps we should just have a moment to reflect upon and remember all the cutlery that has been accidentally binned.

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  3. To do: Retake this shot as a long-exposure at night

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  7. "In the suburb one might live and die without marring the image of an innocent world, except when some shadow of evil fell over a column in the newspaper. Thus the suburb served as an asylum for the preservation of illusion."
    — Lewis Mumford
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  8. Wanted: More episodes of Grand Designs where the owners actually retrofit a building sympathetically and efficiently, retaining or recycling as much as possible, with minimal expansions to the building footprint, and not spend ludicrous sums of money on stupid quantities of glazing and/or pretentious German fittings.


  9. Hell is my entire history of google searches being made public

  13. The joys of old film! June 2013.

  14. The first half of this year has been one of many firsts, and an excellent six months at that. A shift in priorities, a shift in self, a few dances, a beautiful wedding and a sobering funeral, an excellent encounter, too many 21st’s to count, and the other day some teenagers said the dinner I made was “fuckin’ good.”

    No ocean makes for an entirely smooth sail, but it has been made all the easier with the marvelous crew of people I have come to know and love. 


  15. "The only artists I have ever known who are personally delightful are bad artists. Good artists exist simply in what they make, and consequently are perfectly uninteresting in what they are. A great poet, a really great poet, is the most unpoetical of all creatures. But inferior poets are absolutely fascinating. The worse their rhymes are, the more picturesque they look. The mere fact of having published a book of second-rate sonnets makes a man quite irresistible. He lives the poetry that he cannot write. The others write the poetry that they dare not realize."
    — Oscar Wilde