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    Voronoi Map of Closest International Airport to any Point on the Globe

    (Source: Washington Post)


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    what does html stand for?

    hypertext markup language

    no i mean like, what does it believe in?

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  3. Trying very sincerely to put my rage into eloquent words, but I am failing at the long form prose.

    I guess, really, I just wish we could all base our thoughts and acts from the fact that we are all, as first world citizens, highly privileged; and as humans, transient creatures negotiating a very brief flash of mortal life.

    Compared to the magnificently wide scope of your desires, you will be alive for such a pitifully narrow and short time on this earth. You will aspire to do much, but have time for achieving only a small fraction of that. And while you have your health, your sanity, your youth and your body, the time you have should be priceless to you.

    I do not understand how people can tolerate to do such half-assed and poor efforts when they find themselves in a power of position or privilege. Living in the first world is, in some ways, the ultimate privilege. But mostly, having power or authority in an organisation is to owe the best of your time and efforts to that organisation, and all the members of it.


  4. I am eminently grateful for the polite but evil sassiness skills my mother taught me


  5. 1950 - What Makes a Good Party:


  6. "No one’s life seems great between midnight and 7 a.m. Go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow."
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  7. Music for defeating the sameness of Tuesday afternoons 


  8. Post 5000

  9. (And this one)

  10. Some weeks ago, I went cycling and got caught at a crossing. I was watching the mesmerizing pattern of the wagons fly by, and thought it might make a gif. I did, that evening, and it was 113 frames and 40 MB. Tumblr won’t accept anything larger than a megabyte, and despite all of my compressing, this is about as good as I can do.


  11. S: You know, Dad, the Joint Strike Fighter is run with around 12 million lines of code? Unsurprising that they’re having some major problems with software like that.

    D: It’ll never work.

    S: They might manage to debug it eventually.

    D: Nope, it’ll never be a success.

    S: Isn’t that a little premature? There’s plenty of at stake for the interests involved that it works.

    D: It’s not going to work!

    S: Why?

    D: It’s ugly. Ugly planes don’t ever serve long and successful flying lives. Look at the P3 Orion. When those guys flying it out to look for MH370 were on the news, they said “we’re flying out on the beautiful P3 Orion today.” The Ilyushins are all gorgeous. Even look at airliners. The ones that have been in service for decades are all beautiful, striking things. 

  12. I reckon I’ve got about a week’s worth left of this lifestyle until I look exactly like this


  13. "Let me give you a simple metaphor to think about. Imagine a ladder, in which every rung represents a million dollars in household wealth. On that ladder, the average Australian household is closer to the ground than they are to the first rung. If you are in the top ten percent of the population, you’re about one and a half rungs up. If you’re in the top one percent of the population, you’re about five rungs up, about as tall as one of us panelists would be, if we stood up. On that ladder, Gina Rinehart is ten kilometers off the ground."
    — Andrew Leigh, ALP Member for Fraser, Perth Writer’s Festival 2014
  14. mapsontheweb:

    London’s protected views and their limits on skyscrapers

    (Source: economist.com)

  15. Worst. Lame. Monument. Ever.