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    Afternoon Beers to ease the pain of a mutually shitty Tuesday. Sam’s contemplating his luck after getting a free coke. #probscoshelookslikeajuvie #sympathycoke (at Belgian Beer Cafe)

    Just got back from shooting Boyhood

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  4. Couple at Bells Rapids, June 2014

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  6. How is it than anchovies and blue cheese only get better as your acquire a taste but roast pumpkin just gets worse and worse as if it wasn’t bad enough to start with


  7. An Invocation


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    sometimes when i take my shoes off i think about all the places i’ve been to while i was wearing that exact pair

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  10. One of the great book titles. Bucky Fuller’s I Seem to Be a Verb. Designed with Jerome Agel and Quentin Fiore

    ♥ Buckminster Fuller 

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  11. Perth’s streetview imagery has been updated

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  15. Naught Else is to be Lost

    The last week up until now has easily been the most tumultuous and draining of this year. For the first time in many moons I feel like I am much less of a person than I was, and less far forward than I was this time last week.

    Say to any young person that being a young person is hard and often incredibly lonely and they’ll agree immediately. This is a strange age and a strange place to be, socially and culturally, and it can make things extraordinarily complicated and difficult.

    The single thing I am more certain about is that the most important thing in one’s life is social capital. Social capital with family, friends, in relationships, and in organisations. Nothing else is of any consequence if you have no richness and quality in the relationships you hold with people that you know and love.