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    I’m feeling thankful today for the motivation that you give me to think about things and put them into words.

    So, there’s a rough side to my heart. The side closest to the center of my chest just below the end of my throat. A small patch on my heart that’s rough like a tongue. That’s covered with little taste buds, or heart buds, that crave a certain Sweetness.

    Do you know that Sweetness? Do you know that craving?

    It’s a particular and powerful heart flavour. A pinpoint flash of something like hope that spreads out slowly with a warmth. Maybe that warmth is sadness and I can almost taste the Sweetness. There’s times when I’m more vulnerable to it: when I’m down, or I’m afraid, or I’m experiencing being separate from something. When I’m like this I imagine I can see the Sweetness in other people, just out of my reach. I see it in the faces of people I don’t even know, in their smiles or in the crinkling of their eyes. I see it in a hand that’s casually placed on a shoulder or a hand that drops down around a waist. I imagine the Sweetness following them into rooms that are closed to me; I imagine it surrounding them as they talk quietly, alone.

    — Ze Frank

  4. Being a student is being:

    • A seldom user of the library
    • A occasional attendee of classes
    • A frequent client of the 24-hour supermarket.
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  6. Things to remember for the remainder of the month ending 31/10

    Be more than think

    The thing to hit is the ground

    The thing to run from is one’s shadow

    Boot on foot, not boot another computer

    Smell the flowers even if your hayfever kills you

    The best of anything is whatever I already have

    Pick fewer battles and win those that I do

    Rediscover how to wind down

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    Not the heroes we thought we needed but the heroes we really needed all along

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  8. I would like to think that, at the very least, my abrasive but polite emails to hopeless and egotistical university academics about how shit their half-arsed self-obsessed units are serves as excellent mid-morning entertainment to the brigade of miserable and oppressed tutors who suffer under them. 

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    // Victoria Park Public Domain – Hassell. Sydney 2002


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  12. Late night AM retrospective 


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    and here we have a capitalist 

    Did you just.

    let us all take a moment to appreciate that all of human history and human language and the universe itself aligned to make this joke possible

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